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image by christine renney When I was a kid, they said I had a good head on my shoulders and I was an old soul.? I didn’t push and force them to explain – I knew what they meant.? That I was sensible and not impulsive and could…


The murderer didn’t break in.  There aren’t any signs of a forced entry.  Not inside nor out.  No trampled flower beds and muddy footprints, no broken glass or fragments of china, kicked and scattered across the wooden flooring and trodden into the rugs.  The evidence of anything untoward is contained in just one room, the livingContinue reading “THE INVESTIGATOR #3”


‘WHEN DID I FIRST REALISE I WAS BLACK?’ I recently heard a question that has stuck with me, and had me wondering if every black person has experienced that moment. The question is, do I remember the exact moment when I realised I was black? Growing up black in the Caribbean, like I did, isContinue reading “GUEST POST – DAVID FRANCE”