Image by Mark Renney Shortly after turning forty, the restlessness my wife had already suffered for some months reached fever pitch. It was strange to see her like this; she was usually so focused and sensible, so articulate, but the inability to think rationally was wholly debilitating and she was beside herself. She was givenContinue reading “SALVAGE”


Image by Christine Renney Pulling the pillow down over his head, Robbie lay face down on the bed. He could hear his mum’s aunt in the living room below, along with the others. Their voices were muffled and yet still strangely distinct and although he couldn’t hear what they were saying he listened intently. TheyContinue reading “HIS MUM’S AUNT – A LITTLE BIT MORE”


Owen wanted to remember the time before he and Daniel had begun to talk about getting out. The period without that central theme disrupting their lives, but it was difficult not to dwell there, especially now. They had been young and of course it was inevitable that they had become obsessed with the world beyondContinue reading “GETTING OUT”