Image by Christine Renney If the model had been bigger it wouldn’t have survived, someone would have destroyed it years ago, taken a hammer and smashed it to smithereens. But the baseboard was a little less than a metre square and it fitted easily into the back of a small van or a large estateContinue reading “THE MODEL”


Image by Christine Renney I have begun to recognise the others that I pass on my route. Their faces have become familiar; men and women, mostly making their way either to or from work. They are visitors. They stay for their shift and then leave, going back to their homes and families, to their livesContinue reading “GHOST LETTER 46”


Image by Christine Renney To say I have completed the circle and made my way around again would be going too far, and yet these city streets that I frequent and where I linger they form a block and it has become somewhere. A place I can’t help feeling isn’t so unlike the one fromContinue reading “GHOST LETTER 41”


Image by Christine Renney I know this place. I have been here before. Is it possible I have been heading for this particular city all along? That the idea of the road as endless was merely a conceit and no matter how often I have stopped and turned myself around, that the walking in circlesContinue reading “GHOST LETTER 32”


The homeless have always been prevalent in the City. We pass them on the streets every day, stepping around them on the pavements. But the Men were different; they simply stood, like sentinels, on the corners or in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, almost anywhere in fact. They didn’t move or at least hardlyContinue reading “SENTINELS”


Thomas collects the needles. It is an unpopular job but is open to all. No qualifications are required or prior experience, not even a recommendation. One has simply to turn up and register at an Agency office, take to the streets and, using the bags provided, start Collecting. The needles are everywhere, at least hereContinue reading “THE COLLECTOR”


Despite the confines we are encouraged to want and to have things. Although we can only achieve so much, it is instilled into us, at an early age, just how important it is that we are successful. Anyone who works hard can have a house, a home, and is able to fill it with allContinue reading “CONFINES”


Image by Christine Renney Two girls play a game of Sister and Sister The smallest carries the pieces One at a time Up and down the Steep concrete steps The other lays out the parts On top of the Corrugated roof Something cardboard Refashioned, hardened in the sun A plastic bottle Crushed and crazed AContinue reading “PLAYGROUND”