Despite the confines we are encouraged to want and to have things. Although we can only achieve so much, it is instilled into us, at an early age, just how important it is that we are successful. Anyone who works hard can have a house, a home, and is able to fill it with allContinue reading “CONFINES”


His disappearing was an impressive act and only I could see it. I saw him and also what was happening and it was as if someone had taken a giant marker pen and drawn around him. A thick and jagged line that separated him from everything and everyone else and this line was getting biggerContinue reading “GHOST PROLOGUE 2”


Image by Christine Renney Back then we were living in a bedsit, a shared house. We were no longer students but hadn’t yet attempted to take advantage of our qualifications. At twenty eight we were still young, or at least not old. We worked, had signed with an agency and accepted whatever they threw atContinue reading “THE GAP IN OUR LIVES”