Image by Christine Renney In the beginning she dancedAnd he watched trancelikeFollowing from a distanceMesmerised untilAwakened by the reverenceSurrounding himA colourful arrayItinerant troupeSpectators agapeHe faced a forbiddingGrey suited austerityWords storing in his headBuilding the rhythmThat pulled him to herUnbidden he called her nameInside a thrashing tentAnd she ran from the promisesThe white marquee asked ofContinue reading “HER BLUES”


Image by Christine Renney Mum owned a phonogram and A collection of 45’s Marty Wilde, Lonnie Donegan, Tommy Steele The Everly’s and a host of others Did battle and she danced Paul was crawling then and I ran amok My first playground And I added, with my feet, To the sound She would lift PaulContinue reading “THE LION’S DEN”