Image by Christine Renney Assignment: Poem Subject: A Box Quandary: With or without contents He wrote to her but his correspondence was incomplete simply leaving a space where a letter should be his words still had shape the whole, some sort of form His letters making their way from the in-tray eventually rested in increasinglyContinue reading “THE BOX”


Image by Christine Renney The sitting room at the nursing home is always bright, even on the dullest of days, and yet the air hangs heavy and stale. Breathing it in, I remember his workshop with its heady aroma; the wood shavings and sawdust, the varnish brushes soaking in old jam jars filled with turpentine.Continue reading “RESTORATION”


Image by Christine Renney When I visited him, and we sat across from each other and began to talk, I was uncertain as to who he believed I was. In the beginning, I had been convinced that he was speaking to himself. And I, of course, represented the younger man, still working, providing and caringContinue reading “SANDING AND POLISHING”