image by christine renney Cooper recognised the man on the other side of the carriage.  He couldn’t place him, wasn’t sure from where or when, but he was sure that he and the man had met before. Shuffling across in his seat, he moved closer until he and the man were sitting directly opposite each other.  Glancing aroundContinue reading “THE CARRIAGE”


Image by Christine Renney Looking downWearied Another ceremonyJetlag Another awardRush hour traffic Far from homeHe felt oldWhy? Another audienceUnfamiliar sights Red busesTottering precariously Busy people with destinationsJobs to do Rain turned to redWet black concreteTo blind white dust Objective facesTo anger People mourningAppalled, astounded His audience thenA man with a dreamMurdered Pulling himself fromThe windowContinue reading “MEMPHIS ’68”


Image by Christine Renney They told us we would be hailed as PIONEERS, TRAILBLAZERS, the ones who began it, CREATORS OF A BETTER WORLD, A SAFER PLACE FOR OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN. We were upright and law abiding citizens. Why wouldn’t we – what did we have to fear, what could we possiblyContinue reading “TRAILBLAZERS”


Image by Christine Renney Tanner was a loner. Even prior to the System, during his childhood and throughout adolescence, he hadn’t managed to form any long term relationships. He had kept his head down, listened intently, and worked hard and he had been an above average student and yet none of his teachers had seemedContinue reading “THE ERASER #9”


Image by Christine Renney After almost twenty years Jack took his job for granted. He was a refuse collector, a garbage man, or at least this is what he told anyone who bothered to ask. He in fact worked at a landfill site, one of the largest in the country. He was the man onContinue reading “A LINK IN THE CHAIN”


Image by Christine Renney They have always wanted to take them from us. I don’t understand why. Perhaps it is because they can’t and this is also why they have never stopped trying. They could have cut out our tongues and rendered us insensate. The mutilation would have been quick and easy but it wouldn’tContinue reading “THE FORUM”


Image by Christine Renney ‘If, in the First Act, you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise, don’t put it there’ – Anton Chekhov Since the disappearance Carter hadn’t ventured into his son’s room, not properly. He had stepped across the threshold, yes, but mostlyContinue reading “ADJOINING ROOMS”


The bird landed on the window ledge and began tapping with its beak against the glass. From inside the room I could hear but couldn’t see it. I moved closer and was strangely unperturbed by the fact that it was invisible. I was surprised, yes, but it was fleeting at best and I was muchContinue reading “THE GIFT”


Image by Christine Renney Isabella courted catastrophe or, more accurately, she carried it with her, dragging it behind her on a string. Invisible and weightless, for almost fourteen years it didn’t hinder her and was benign. Only when it struck, when catastrophe bloomed, did she feels its weight. It almost lifted her from the ground.Continue reading “PUPPET SHOW”