image by christine renney Cooper recognised the man on the other side of the carriage.  He couldn’t place him, wasn’t sure from where or when, but he was sure that he and the man had met before. Shuffling across in his seat, he moved closer until he and the man were sitting directly opposite each other.  Glancing aroundContinue reading “THE CARRIAGE”


image by christine renney The box was large, almost the size of a small fridge.  The Courier managed to wrap his arms around it and, tucking it under his chin, he hugged the package tight against his chest.  It wasn’t heavy, just cumbersome, and awkwardly he began staggering across the car park.  He realised that he mustContinue reading “THE DELIVERY”


Image by Christine Renney The Evidence Room is located in the bowels of the building.  In order to reach it the Investigator hasn’t any choice other than to make his way down.  The elevator at ground level goes up only and into the light, where there are windows and corners of sky and people workingContinue reading “THE INVESTIGATOR”


Image by Christine Renney We are divided but we all believe in the City.  How could we not?  The evidence is everywhere.  We have the artefacts and the photographs.  It is our story and, if we are unable to understand yet, we can at least know it and we are putting it in order, intoContinue reading “HARMONY”