Image by Christine Renney I always arrived home from work at least two or three hours earlier than my girlfriend and I cherished this time alone. It wasn’t that I did anything in particular and I didn’t utilise the hours constructively by taking care of housework or preparing the evening meal. No, instead I listenedContinue reading “ALIEN”


Image by Christine Renney He didn’t remember his dreams, couldn’t even be sure that he had any and this troubled him. It nagged at him, had done since childhood and it was an almost constant ache. Not dreaming hadn’t hindered him and he didn’t feel bereft – how could he miss or lose something thatContinue reading “POINTS ON A SCALE”


His disappearing was an impressive act and only I could see it. I saw him and also what was happening and it was as if someone had taken a giant marker pen and drawn around him. A thick and jagged line that separated him from everything and everyone else and this line was getting biggerContinue reading “GHOST PROLOGUE 2”