Image by Christine Renney Assignment: Poem Subject: A Box Quandary: With or without contents He wrote to her but his correspondence was incomplete simply leaving a space where a letter should be his words still had shape the whole, some sort of form His letters making their way from the in-tray eventually rested in increasinglyContinue reading “THE BOX”


Image by Christine Renney I was flicking through the TV channels the other night A skinhead appeared on the screen An actor in front of a black backdrop Running on the spot Shouting into the living room Resolute But lonely and desperate, Like the jagged blue ink letters Stamped on his forehead He was forContinue reading “MASTERPIECES II”


Image by Christine Renney I have money now, just a few coins, and gripping them tightly, I delve deep into the lining of my coat as I walk. I work a coin between my thumb and forefinger. I take them out and move them from hand to hand. I thrust the coins deep into theContinue reading “GHOST LETTER 35”


Image by Christine Renney He repeatedly makes his way down and comes back up. He times his visits for when the place is at its busiest, at rush hour, early in the morning and again in the evening. He moves through quickly, weaving his way amongst them, his progress almost frenzied. Once he is clear,Continue reading “VANTAGE POINT”