Image by Christine Renney I have managed to abandon the City yet again but there it is; the point that rankles, a sharp needle stuck in my side as I walk, the fact that I have done this before, that I am doing it again. I rarely think about my former existence, but I rememberContinue reading “GHOST LETTER 53”


Image by Christine Renney Assignment: Poem Subject: A Box Quandary: With or without contents He wrote to her but his correspondence was incomplete simply leaving a space where a letter should be his words still had shape the whole, some sort of form His letters making their way from the in-tray eventually rested in increasinglyContinue reading “THE BOX”


Image by Mark Renney Shortly after turning forty, the restlessness my wife had already suffered for some months reached fever pitch. It was strange to see her like this; she was usually so focused and sensible, so articulate, but the inability to think rationally was wholly debilitating and she was beside herself. She was givenContinue reading “SALVAGE”