image by christine renney Cooper recognised the man on the other side of the carriage.  He couldn’t place him, wasn’t sure from where or when, but he was sure that he and the man had met before. Shuffling across in his seat, he moved closer until he and the man were sitting directly opposite each other.  Glancing aroundContinue reading “THE CARRIAGE”


image by christine renney The box was large, almost the size of a small fridge.  The Courier managed to wrap his arms around it and, tucking it under his chin, he hugged the package tight against his chest.  It wasn’t heavy, just cumbersome, and awkwardly he began staggering across the car park.  He realised that he mustContinue reading “THE DELIVERY”


Image by Christine Renney The hardest part for me was the departure, turning from the body, walking away from my earthly remains. I lingered and I lingered and I knew it was dangerous to do so. I couldn’t stay there, in that room. I stepped backward and gazed down at the body slumped on theContinue reading “THE TRANSITION”


Image by Christine Renney ‘If, in the First Act, you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise, don’t put it there’ – Anton Chekhov Since the disappearance Carter hadn’t ventured into his son’s room, not properly. He had stepped across the threshold, yes, but mostlyContinue reading “ADJOINING ROOMS”


Image by Mark Renney He hadn’t been struck immediately by the uncanny resemblance with that other place. Not as they pulled into the driveway nor as they climbed from the car and the old man ushered them into the chalet at the far end of the row, the one closest to the house, his office.Continue reading “QUICKSAND”