Image by Christine Renney In the beginning she dancedAnd he watched trancelikeFollowing from a distanceMesmerised untilAwakened by the reverenceSurrounding himA colourful arrayItinerant troupeSpectators agapeHe faced a forbiddingGrey suited austerityWords storing in his headBuilding the rhythmThat pulled him to herUnbidden he called her nameInside a thrashing tentAnd she ran from the promisesThe white marquee asked ofContinue reading “HER BLUES”


Image by Mark Renney Listening from the bridge In the silence Between Each clank on the rail Building my pockets With coal Sleepers dug in Like shadows SHADOWS HADOWS ADOWS DOWS OWS WS S Lopsided carriage Bales on the muddy bank Night spills on to the table And the patches between The lightest touch AContinue reading “RICH NIGHT”