The homeless have always been prevalent in the City. We pass them on the streets every day, stepping around them on the pavements. But the Men were different; they simply stood, like sentinels, on the corners or in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, almost anywhere in fact. They didn’t move or at least hardlyContinue reading “SENTINELS”


Thomas collects the needles. It is an unpopular job but is open to all. No qualifications are required or prior experience, not even a recommendation. One has simply to turn up and register at an Agency office, take to the streets and, using the bags provided, start Collecting. The needles are everywhere, at least hereContinue reading “THE COLLECTOR”


Despite the confines we are encouraged to want and to have things. Although we can only achieve so much, it is instilled into us, at an early age, just how important it is that we are successful. Anyone who works hard can have a house, a home, and is able to fill it with allContinue reading “CONFINES”


When the Selector came for him, Joe was taken aback. He supposed that all of the Selected were, that no-one really expected it would be them. There was much speculation about the Selection. It was the talk of the City and Joe, along with everyone else, had been intrigued, no – obsessed, as to whyContinue reading “THE SELECTED”