Image by Christine Renney Tanner’s job was to remove the evidence, to wipe away the traces. He considered this task as necessary, that he was an essential part of the system and for more than forty years Tanner’s belief in the system hadn’t wavered. He had remained resolute, diligent and effective. Although he remembered allContinue reading “THE ERASER”


Image by Christine Renney Tanner had often been responsible for the erasure of people he had known. This was against the rules. He was all too aware that cases where the person was known to the Eraser should be passed across to another worker and yet Tanner had ignored this time and again. Over theContinue reading “THE ERASER #10”


Image by Christine Renney They have always wanted to take them from us. I don’t understand why. Perhaps it is because they can’t and this is also why they have never stopped trying. They could have cut out our tongues and rendered us insensate. The mutilation would have been quick and easy but it wouldn’tContinue reading “THE FORUM”


When the Selector came for him, Joe was taken aback. He supposed that all of the Selected were, that no-one really expected it would be them. There was much speculation about the Selection. It was the talk of the City and Joe, along with everyone else, had been intrigued, no – obsessed, as to whyContinue reading “THE SELECTED”