Image by Christine Renney It’s in the gutPacingThe postponementAnd when it seesAnd it hearsIt fades It’s not nowThat awful anticipationIt’s full blownAnd not at allRegular It’s in an unexampled actionThe methodical destructionOf handAnd bookcaseBlood smeared splintersAnd skin in the carpet Something to mend andTo clean andTo rebuildLike a lovebiteA bruiseSomething to hide


Image by Mark Renney Shortly after turning forty, the restlessness my wife had already suffered for some months reached fever pitch. It was strange to see her like this; she was usually so focused and sensible, so articulate, but the inability to think rationally was wholly debilitating and she was beside herself. She was givenContinue reading “SALVAGE”


Image by Christine Renney ‘If, in the First Act, you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise, don’t put it there’ – Anton Chekhov Since the disappearance Carter hadn’t ventured into his son’s room, not properly. He had stepped across the threshold, yes, but mostlyContinue reading “ADJOINING ROOMS”